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Thread: program teensy 4.1 though pins?

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    program teensy 4.1 though pins?

    I want to mount a usb-c on a panel. I want the 5 volts to drive electronics (including Teensy).
    I want the gnd, D+, D- to program the Teensy 4.1 (not going through the micro usb connector)

    I can't use an adapter cable. Paul says "We do have USB host support for the 2nd port. And the 2nd port is easily available from either side of the PCB on 5 though-hole pins." Can I program the Teensy through wires gnd D+, D-, on the usbc going to these 3 through-hole pins?

    If so, how?


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    The boot loader does not support the 2nd USB port, but on the T4.1 there are pads on the bottom to access the 1st USB port's D+ and D- pins so that you can add your own connector. Though it's not immediately clear how best to access these pins I've put together a post on how I did it and had success using a USB-C port. You can find it here:

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    You don't give us much to work with. Is the Teensy being mounted on another PCB where you could use tiny spring contact pins? Could you pick the +5v from the Vin pin on the corner of the Teensy and use a USB-C to mini-B converter? Can you provide a concept sketch?

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    Thanks for the consideration. There is a larger pc board upon which the Teensy 4/4.1 will be mounted (through hole pins of course).
    The USB-C vertical connector will be mounted on the opposite side of the PC board and will extend through the chassis panel.
    The 5 volts and gnd from the USB-C will drive a number of devices (one high current) and one the Teensy 4 itself.
    The D+, D- will be used to program the Teensy during beta development.
    I could have a usb-micro pigtail cable that connects the D+, D- to the Teensy USB-micro but I am trying to avoid that.
    Unfortunately, the simplest approach appears to be to solder pins to the small D+, D- pads on the bottom of the 4.1 or the larger D+, D- pads on the 4.
    I don't have room in the chassis for a micro to panel mount USB-C cable (nor do I want to run the high current through the Teensy both for the current and for noise).


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