Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a Line-Out from my Teensy Synth. Since I am using a MAX98357A module for audio output, I can't use that to connect it to an external amp or line-in on a pc.
I bought a couple of MCP6002 and tried to create a single ended output using this circuit:

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I get sound out but it is VERY noisy. The noise seems to be as loud as the sound itself. The audio output also seems to be overdriving the amplifier unless it is on a setting like 10% or something. I measured the output of the MAX98357A to be around 300mV AC with 2.6V DC.
Since I don't have an oscilloscope the only way I can analyze the signal is by using my line in on the computer. Here I can see this image:
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As you can see the waveform is anything but a sine, which it should be.

Is there anything wrong with my circuit, did I pick the wrong parts?