We currently use a Teensy 3.6 with the WIZ850io for protocol translations between legacy protocols of our old products to the new protocols of current generation products. We do not use an OS.
We now evaluate the possibility to implement an OPC-UA server as another input to translate the commands into our current generation protocols.

  • Do you know of a successful OPC-UA server implementation on a 3.6? If yes, what stack was in use (open62541?) and which features were provided (was there enough RAM for e.g. OPC-UA subscriptions)?
  • If we have bad luck with the 3.6, would a switch to the Teensy 4.1 change the situation?
  • There is also a Python-based OPC-UA implementation available: https://github.com/FreeOpcUa/python-opcua. Would MicroPython or CircuitPython allow to run this library on the Teensy 3.6 or 4.6?