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Thread: ILI9341 - MISO pin unconnected

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    ILI9341 - MISO pin unconnected

    I have a ILI9341 module connected to a Teensy 4.1. I have followed the instructions here. But, as I am not using neither the touch capability nor the SD card of the module, I have thought I could liberate one pin by not connecting the MISO and declaring it:
    TFT_MOSI = 255
    It seems to work well, but I would like to confirm if this approach is valid or I may find unexpected issues in the future.

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    May depend on which library you use.

    But I think your commented code is wrong above: TFT_MOSI should be TFT_MISO

    Note: Most of the libraries will do something like SPI.begin() and while doing this will configure the MISO pin to be in SPI mode. However if you should do something that then switches that pin out of SPI mode, like pinMode(12, OUTPUT);

    The system should work fine. However some of the functions will not work. Things like readPixel, readRect ...

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    Thank you KurtE.

    You are right, I ment TFT_MISO.

    I am using your ILI9341_t3n lib (nice job there).

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