Hi there,

I am using a Teensy 3.6 audio project using the audioboard getting samples on a high rate and a displaying waterfall or spectrum on an Ili9341 3.2" display. (Teensy bat detector thread).

Since I wanted to store location information in the waf file metadata I added a GPS receiver.
I chose a tiny board using an ATGM336H and mini antenna.

The GPS testcode works fine (TinyGPS) but when the bat detector code is running the GPS reception is lost. Looking at my spectrumanalyzer I can see the whole RF spectrum lifting up when I change from the testcode to the batdetector code. (Can't measure above 1024mHz)

I can't get a GPS fix indoor and outdoor it takes a very long time to get a fix if I mount the antenna and GPS receiver outside the box. (when running the testcode I can get a GPS fix indoor) Of course I'd like to have all in the small plastic enclosure.

Do any of you have similar experiences, do you have suggestions for alternative GPS receivers or ideas to improve reception? I am a HAM Radio amateur and already tried some ferrite beads around wires and coaxial cable of the antenna but that does not seem to help. (or at least does not help enough)

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