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Thread: Teensy 5.0 ?

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    Teensy 5.0 ?

    Paul, I bet you are already looking into this.
    1GHz. Multi-core. The DAC would be back.

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    com'on, there are multiple posts and threads about this!

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    Thank you for the pointer, @mjs513! It will be useful to others when searching for Teensy 5.0

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    Like Teensy 3.5 & 3.6, which were about a 2X step up from Teensy 3.1 & 3.2 but still essentially the same chip architecture, any Teensy using the IMXRT1170 chip will be a 4.x model number. Even though it's a higher clock speed and includes a 2nd M4 processor, the M7 and peripherals are essentially the same as Teensy 4.0. It will NOT be called 5.0.

    When/if we use something like the upcoming Cortex M55, that would be a major change worthy of being called version 5.x.

    Again, this will not be "Teensy 5.0". Please discuss RT1170 the other thread. Closing this one now.

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