I'm using a Teensy 4.1 as a keyboard controller. I'd like to change the report size to something much larger than 6 + 2, to support full N-key rollover, but as far as I can see the current size is hardcoded in several different places. Is there a best practice for increasing it to, say, 92 keys, in a specific sketch, or do I have to hunt for lists of 6 or 8 bytes, and occurrences of "6", "8" and "KEYBOARD_SIZE" in order to achieve this?

(Apparently, if you still want to be compatible with the "boot protocol" for BIOS keyboard compatibility, the keyboard needs to be prepared to switch to 6+2 on demand, or to fake it with a trick based on primitive BIOS implementations ignoring the report descriptor. If there's already a solution for this it would be nice, but for my project, this is not necessary)