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Thread: Arduino IDE stopped detecting board/port, teensy.exe does.

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    Arduino IDE stopped detecting board/port, teensy.exe does.

    Not sure what started this, but this evening I plugged my Teensy 3.2 in to change some code when the Port option under Tools was greyed out. After lots of fiddling, it seems to come up when I select USB-Type Raw HID, but displays "emulated serial" instead. I am able to push teensytransfer and the basic "Blink" file, but only after resetting the teensy using the program mode button. After pushing, a long-name hid port shows up, but when I select it it disapears. When I change the USB-Type to serial, the port option is greyed out and it will not push.

    If I select the hid port mentioned earlier, and then push with that option it tells me
    Error opening HID device
      Windows Error Info: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
    If I try using the hid port in serial, it gives me the same message. However, if I reboot with this message in serial, the port goes away and it tells me a board cannot be found.
    However, teensy.exe still recognises when the program mode button is pressed. Why is this? Easy or complex solution? I am in a bit of a bind if I do not have this fixed by morning.

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    What OS?

    The message is saying that "it is being used by another process"

    Teensy transfer IIRC is used with a separate program that needs access - is that where that message comes from? SerMon and other programs connecting would prevent that.

    When the Button puts it into Program mode it appears as a unique RawHid device that won't be consumed typically - except by TeensyLoader or programs knowing what it is.

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    After doing a full restart and messing around with it for two hours, as it just so happens I get up for 20 minues, come back and it fixed itself. No idea, technology really is magic.
    Using windows by the way.

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