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Thread: Audio glitches when using ILI9341.

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    Audio glitches when using ILI9341.

    Whenever I draw lots of shapes/text on the display, the audio glitches for a short moment.
    Context: I am using the ili9341 to display different menu screens, whenever I switch between menus the problem occurs. Switching menus involves drawing quite a lot of text (I have optimized clearing the screen by drawing black text over any original text before drawing new text). It is during this that a brief, quite glitch sound is produced - this occurs even if no audio is currently playing.
    -I tested smaller draw operations, these don't produce the glitching sound leading me to assume that the glitch is perhaps caused by the audio library not processing a block during drawing.
    -I also tested different audio block sizes, the threshold amount of drawing for glitches to occur decreased as the audio block size decreased.

    I think this may be due to the audio library not updating while the screen is drawing. Is there a way to have audio updates be a higher priority than drawing text/shapes on the display?

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