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Thread: APA102 clock recovery circuit

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    APA102 clock recovery circuit

    Paul diagnosed why long runs of APA101 LEDs don't perform at high speed. How complicated would it be to make a circuit that gets inserted every 100 or so LEDs to clean up the clock signal?

    For most projects, keeping the runs of APA102 RGB LEDs relatively short is probably the best way to go, but if an external clock recovery circuit could do it, this might be a good option.

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    Well it would be great if a 74AHC123 monostable could go that fast, but it can't...

    Regeneration using gate-delays is another option, if the pulse gets too wide, simply AND it with a slightly delayed version of itself,
    taking care to AND the data line with itself to avoid skew. RC circuit can generate delay, or even just enough series resistance and
    rely on the stray capacitance.

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