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Thread: Powersupply for a brushless motor?

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    Powersupply for a brushless motor?


    i want to use a brushless and my question is what battery works. I now normally you use a LIPO battery but for my use it also enough if the motor spins 10 seconds. So can i use a 9V Battery for this or is the power not enough to power the motor?

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    If you mean a common/garden RC brushless motor driven through an ESC, then think 10's of amps minimum - so LiPo
    is the way to go.

    If you mean something else please post datasheets for the motor.

    Either way a PP3 sized 9V battery is not suitable for motors as they can barely manage 0.2A (Although the NiMH rechargable
    sort fare somewhat better).

    Even small motors are 1A or so. Motors need real power.

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