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Thread: Can I look at last byte in serial buffer?

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    Can I look at last byte in serial buffer?

    T4.1 project here.

    I'm expecting a serial packet, packet length can vary, and can be > 100 bytes (will have to adjust buffer size).

    I'm polling, so I don't want to process the packet until I receive all the bytes. The 2 last bytes are 0x0D 0x0A.

    Can I query the buffer to look at the last byte or two?

    Or should I be loading the incoming bytes into a separate array, then I can index those bytes?


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    Serial.peek() ??

    Sorry that's the first, you probably have to read them as they come in to a buffer and process the when them end markers arrive

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    use Circular_Buffer to queue serial bytes, you can easily peek() into the queue at any position:

    buffer.peek(7) // checks the 8th byte in the queue

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    Your can use a simple buffer as in this post (#29)
    And when you have received 0x0a (LF or '\n')
    You just check the last byte like this
    void setup() {}
    void readAndPrintLine() {
     static char buf[80];
     static unsigned idx = 0;
     while (Serial.available())
      char c =;
      buf[idx] = c;
      buf[idx] = '\0'; 
      if ( (c == '\n') || (idx >= sizeof(buf) -1) ) {    
        if (buf[idx-3] == charToLookFor) {
        idx = 0;
    void loop() {

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    Circular_Buffer is the one I'm now using. Makes it really easy.

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