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Thread: How would I configure A14/DAC as an analog input?

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    How would I configure A14/DAC as an analog input?

    On a Teensy 3.2, is there any special way to configure the A14/DAC pin as an analog input? I've seen posts to use analogWrite to set the value but is there any special setup to configure it as an analog input? I would like to use it as an analog input pin.

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    You just use the pin with the normal analogRead. Note the analog pins A10-A14 can only receive input in the range 0 .. 3.3v. If the pin gets more than 3.3v, you can damage the Teensy.

    On the Teensy 3.2, analog pins A0..A9 and A15..A20 can tolerate voltages up to 5 volts, but anything higher than 3.3v will read as 3.3v.

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