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Thread: Moderator Appreciation

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    Moderator Appreciation

    I have been around the internet, even before it was the internet and seen all sorts of forums come and go. One thing that always stands out is the difference between good moderators and bad ones. In particular, how a moderator handles criticism is most telling. There are too many forums out there that have posts deleted or even modified to remove criticism. I never quite trust what I read on those forums, especially if it is related to a product the forum owners/moderators sell. There are many examples of that out there.

    In the Skimpy Power Supply thread there were some direct criticisms. I really appreciate that Paul (and, I assume Robin, too) decided to leave the posts in place. A lesser person would have found a reason to delete them. No electronic product is perfect and the creation of it is often a near endless series of trade-offs. To be willing to accept criticism is the sign of a healthy ego.

    Anyway, this a long winded way to say thank you to Paul and Robin for maintaining an honest forum with a high level of credibility.

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    I whole-heartedly second the "thank-you" & add my appreciation to that expressed by the OP !!

    Mark J Culross

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