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Thread: Teensy2.0 -> Teensy LC HID button box

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    Teensy2.0 -> Teensy LC HID button box

    I now have a teensy LC to drive my project - 5 x 4 button matrix plus 5 rotary encoders as USB HID game controller. I imported the working code from the Teensy 2 project, after modifying the pin refs accordingly, but am getting an error when verifying; "'Joystick' was not declared in this scope".

    In fact I had commented out the #include <Joystick.h> from the original button box as it gave an error and it worked fine without it, but the Teensy LC seems to need it.
    If I uncomment the call to <joystick.h> I get this:
    'fatal error: PluggableUSB.h: No such file or directory. Compilation terminated.

    Does this mean I'm missing a library somewhere? If so how can I resolve it? How come the Teensy2 seems to run fine without it?

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    N/mind, its fixed, I loaded the code in anyway then changed in tools - USB type> keyboard/joystick/mouse.

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