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Thread: Teensyduino 1.54 Beta #7

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    Feb 2015
    Minor edit to LFSIntegrity to HALT on failed myfs.begin() ::

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    Jan 2014
    @Paul - Not sure if you want to pick this up soon or not... But there is a new update to:
    It now supports UTF-8 filenames...

    Plus he update the configuration file where it checks first to see if a define is set and only use default if not set:
    The one location in the link is one I wish he defaulted to ON...

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    Perhaps we should review the PAD settings for I2C and use very conserative settings.
    From my experients they work well, even for higher I2C speeds and may cause less problems.

    edit: Perhaps the folks with your I2c tester board can try that?

    Or, we could add a general usable function pinMode(pin, const output, speed, strength, slewRate) something like that..
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