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Thread: Advice / Guidance needed 1440 leds RGBW SK6812

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    Advice / Guidance needed 1440 leds RGBW SK6812

    Hi. Very nice to meet you all.

    I have done some projects with leds but i need some guidance before i start the next one because it's bigger.

    I want to use a display made of 10x 1meter of 144led/m RGBW SK6812 strips. So its a total of 1440 RGBW leds.

    I don't know yet what i can display on it.

    What would be the most appropriate hardware / software / library you can recommend ? Any advice on errors I should avoid ?

    What framerate can i expect ?

    Also i would like the project to run on its own (without a computer).

    Do you think i should use multiple cards and sync them ?

    Is it possible to store "patterns" and run them directly from the board ?

    Thank you so much !!!!
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