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Thread: buydisplay 1280 X 400 TFT ra8876 AND SSD2828 SPI connectivity

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    buydisplay 1280 X 400 TFT ra8876 AND SSD2828 SPI connectivity

    I have 2 of these buydisplay7.84 "candy bar" 1280 X 400 displays ..

    They require SPI for the RA8876

    and SPI for the ssd2828 chip .. which needs to initialize communications to the RA8876
    (its sort of set it and forget it )..

    So as the tri-state issue is still a problem ..

    I would like to use 1 SPI channel on the teensy 4.1 for the RA8876 pins 10/11/12/13

    and the second SPI1 channel on the teensy 4.1 for the ssd2828 pins 26/27/38/39

    I know how to get SPI working on pins 10/11/12/13 of the teensy .. but don't know how to configure up SPI1 pins 26/27/38/39 to make the call to the SSD2828 .

    can somebody give me some schooling on how to set up spi1 ?

    I had posted once before about this but it was quite some time ago ... I checked the SPI setup on my ra8875 display so I know its working .. I just don't know how to hitch it up to spi1.. if I can get spi 1 running I can test with the tra8875 display to make sure I have it right , then hitch the ssd2828 to it and get the display working

    Thanks in advance ..
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