The goal is to have a MIDI footswitch to send chord data to an arranger. I'm very new to this space but very capable of learning.

The scope is to have up/down buttons select a style (major, minor, etc.) and have it displayed. By choosing the style, the program sets four switches to play the four chords in that style. Another set of up/down switches will allow you to change the tonal value thus changing the key in which the chords are set.

I know how to set the notes in the different styles and it works fine. As such:
//settings for Major key
int root1=tonal;
int root2=tonal+5;
int root3=tonal+10;
int root4=tonal+1;
int third1=tonal+4;
int third2=tonal+8;
int third3=tonal+1;
int third4=tonal+5;
int fifth1=tonal+7;
int fifth2=tonal;
int fifth3=tonal+5;
int fifth4=tonal+8;

I know how to change the key and it also works fine. By using the term "tonal" I use it as the basis to send all of the notes. Tonal = 48 (known as "C" in the MIDI world) which I can change within the loop.

What I can't do is code to select a style and "load" the specific note set for that style. I only have the ability to have one style loaded at a time.

I'm assuming it's possible and my lack of knowledge is the only issue.