I hope this makes sense, its pretty late for me, and semi tried.

I 3d print stuff, and I recently discovered that usb interface tends to slow down and cause printer to stall when it does a lengthy calculation on heavy geometrical angles. I got rid most of my problem, but I had an idea, and would like to know if its possible or a waste of time.

The idea is similar concept to a hdmi switch, on hdmi switch you have multiple devices sources to one TV, while with this, its kind of flipped, you have microsd card to multiple devices.

The concept is to achieve laziness, use my raspberry pi to transfer files onto the sd card that is on the teensy 4.1 possibly through usb? Then be able to mount the sd card to the 3d printer through the teensy pins. Which I am wondering does the file binary have to go through the teensy or is spi for sd "straight to" or a "bypass" of the teensy?

I hope this makes sense and isn't confusing