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Thread: Programming an STM32 using a Teensy

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    Programming an STM32 using a Teensy

    At my workplace we have to program tens of thousands of STM32 micros in one of our products, and we currently porgram them using a custom bed of nails programmer on a conveyor belt.

    Unfortunately, even with the automation, it's becoming a bottleneck as other parts of the production line become more efficient over time.

    I've had a crazy pie-in-the-sky thought to program these things as they move along the conveyor, using a 'hat' style device that sits on top, powering the micro (5V) and programming it as it moves.
    I've talked to our ICT and software team and they think it's feasible, so I might put togerther a proof-of-concept to see if it can actually work.

    Does anyone have any experience programming other micros using a teensy?
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