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Thread: Some problems with the SD card.

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    Some problems with the SD card.

    I first purchased Teens 4.1 from you and tried to work with it. Deep respect for authors. That's great. In a short time, I solved the problem of creating a datalogger for an underground radar. There is a large stream on the serial port. About 200 kilobytes per second at an exchange rate of 5 Mbps. Everything works flawlessly, however, it is not possible to record such a stream without loss of information on the SD card. I do this through a 16 MB buffer in memory. I use 2 additional chips. However, this is not enough for me. Is it possible to quadruple the memory on this board? I would really appreciate your help.

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    Closing DUPE post

    See : 66439-Some-problems-with-the-SD-card

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