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Thread: Expected Lifetime of Teensy LC Product

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    Expected Lifetime of Teensy LC Product

    I need a 5V digital output and I see Teensy 2.0 is scheduled to be discontinued next year.

    How much longer is Teensy LC expected to be manufactured?

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    First, a quick disclaimer, this message isn’t a contractual promise or guarantee or legal advice.

    PJRC currently has no plans to discontinue Teensy LC or any of the 32 bit products. While I can’t predict the distant future, I can tell you PJRC has a long history of keeping boards available for many years. Well, except for the cases of direct or very close replacement, like Teensy 3.2 replacing 3.1 and 3.0.

    Only the old 8 bit boards, which started in 2009, are planned to end sometime in 2022.

    Like every board maker, PJRC’s ability to supply products depends on availability of the components. You may have seen Freescale (now NXP) made 10 year guarantees about many Kinetis parts when they were released. Quite frankly, those sorts of assurances are practically meaningless. Several years ago, the MK20 chip used on Teensy 3.2 became scarce. Robin and I plan production and inventory far ahead. We were able to keep Teensy 3.2 continuously in stock, and we even supplied MK20 chips to many people who had designed custom PCBs. Technically Freescale was within their 10 year guarantee, since they would still sell you the chips. The guarantee said nothing about timely delivery. Having to wait more that 1 year lead time for your parts to ship isn’t most people’s idea of the part being available to purchase!

    This message isn’t a guarantee, and if it were, it’d probably as meaningless as those sorts of promised the big semiconductor companies make. Nobody can truly predict the future. The best you can usually do is look at whether a company’s products have long life and their track record of keeping it actually in stock or available with a reasonably short lead time.

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    Thank you very much for the thoughtful reply.

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    Also, is there any plan to CE certify Teensy LC?

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