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Thread: BOM Teensy 3.2

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    BOM Teensy 3.2

    Paul et al, do you have a BOM for the Teensy 3.2 to go with the Schematic you would be willing to share? I am designing a project that uses the Teensy 3.2 and i would like to design the teensy into my design.


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    Paul has this OSHpark shared board: Teensy 3.2 DIY Reference Board

    No BOM got added - but the layout does have parts and values indicated

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    I don't see where the parts are listed?

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    They aren't, there's just some part numbers or values on the layout image. For instance the USB connector has no part number
    and I wouldn't like to have to search through the many available to try and guess which fits the footprint...

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    Not from PJRC and not my work, but this Teensy 3.2 reference board clone has a BOM:

    I built it years ago and it works.

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    That is handy @brtaylor.

    Just checked and see some cad stuff but no Ref board notes?

    Also - Luni whipped up a Experimental MicroMod T_3.2 the other week. That Thread likely has full details.

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    Thank you for the responses!

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