Hi! I'm designing a synth around the 3.5 and audio shield. After getting a 7-pot arduino noise maker to work with Mozzi, I decided I'm qualified to take on a fully realized synth. Oh, and I've never really played one, either. Which should be helpful.

So far i am just putting the hardware together- a bunch of regular old analog pots and three position switches. I can already tell I am going to need a few multiplexers, so I've ordered some based on the 74HC4051. I think I'll end up needing four of those- boy, i hope the controller code can run without killing the audio with all the polling.

Synth has 2 oscillators. First is frequency controlled with an onboard keyboard, with octave and waveform selectable. Second has selectable waveform and mix% and frequency relationship to first osc, from slightly detuned to an octave or two. Two LFOs are assignable to a few different things each, there is also an assignable joystick (Y dimension always pitch bend, X dimension assignable.) Then there is a filter section and an ADSR section.

Mostly trying to make it playable. Doesn't have any midi plan yet, likely monophonic. I just started by holding a cigar box in my hand and deciding where keys, pitch bender, octave switches and filter knob needed to be.

Not sure how or whether to insert any photos...

My only questions so far (after seeing what UHF pulled off with the TSynth, I know my feature set is doable!) would be whether there is anything I need to look out for with multiple MUX chips and the Teensy library, and whether a variable slope filter is supported (I saw 12db/octave in a frigging great video by Paul, but not sure if I can get 6 or 24 db slopes going.)

Or of course unforeseen problems ahead...

Oh, one more thing. What is the best power supply for a 3.5 running this sort of thing? Just any old 5V deal into a broken out USB port on the case, or...

Thanks here's hoping,