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Thread: How does AudioSynthWaveformDc work?

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    How does AudioSynthWaveformDc work?

    Hi, since there is no envelope to control waveform frequency modulation or filter frequency modulation I tried to use the "DC" output.

    When I press the MIDI keys I want the Serial monitor to show values going up to 1.0 and when I release the keys to show values going down to -1.
    This code, however, does nothing to the values on the Serial monitor when I press and release keys on my MIDI keyboard:

    #include <Audio.h>
    #include <Wire.h>
    #include <SPI.h>
    AudioSynthWaveformDc     pitchEnvelope;
    AudioOutputI2S           i2s1;
    void setup() {
    int attackTime=1000;
    int releaseTime=1000;
    void loop(){; 
    void OnNoteOn(byte channel, byte note, byte velocity){
    void OnNoteOff(byte channel, byte note, byte velocity){

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    You need AudioMemory() in setup(). See any of the examples in File > Examples > Audio.

    To get a ADSR or AD style control signal, you would feed the DC output through an envelope effect. For only attack-decay triggered by a single event, set the sustain level to zero.

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