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Thread: crystalfontz OLEd screens and Teensy

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    crystalfontz OLEd screens and Teensy

    Has anyone ever tried to control a crystalfontz OLED with a teensy?

    The screen uses the SSD 1309 controller.

    I have it working with a Seeeduino using the I2C, but I want to use several of the OLEDs stacked together to make a volumetric display. I think a teensy 4.0 or 4.1 would be great for this project because it has a lot of flash memory to store the images I will be using for the screens.I am planning on stacking 8 of the screens back to back anhd storing all of the images in the teensys flash so i can quickly upload them to the OLED and create a 3d animation effect.

    I did try a search on the forum and didnt find any posts.

    The Seeeduino was programmed using Arduino IDE and the "wire" library only for the i2C. The example code of crystalfontz website provided all of the commands to initialize the screen and write to the screen so I am hoping I can program it with the arduino IDE. The example program takes a bitmap stored in the flash memory and then sends it via the I2C byte by byte.

    thanks in advance


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    I emailed crystalfontz tech support and they told me their screens should work fine with teensys. I will try one and post the results here.

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