Hello, I re-did my circuit board. and it worked before together with a featherwing 3.5, but I am getting Zero readings from my 4 thermocouples. Max31855 type K,

I used two seperate SPI lines on the teensy4.1 pin 27 for the CLK1and MISO1 on 39
all 4 max31855 Are connected together on this bus. Chip select is on 36,37,38,39.

The other SPI which I use for a featherwing 3.5 is on the standard Pins pin 13CLK, MOSI11,MISO12, DC=10, CS=9;

For both SPI lines I have two seperate constructors and with different settings. As similar done from the SPI page for the teensy.

How can I set a different SPI channel for the thermocouples?

In the void setup I declare all the CS pins as HIGH.
I get an error on SPI1.begin(); which is located in the void setup. Do I also have to set the beginTransaction in the void setup? And in the void loop? and close it to? Or do I have todo it differently? Because I am getting Zero readings from my thermocouples.

Just want to know what the write way is in Syntax for a Setting up a SPI connection

Did any changes occur on the SPI library?

Many thanks