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Thread: Internal Refrence on teensy 4.1

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    Internal Refrence on teensy 4.1


    I am using an teensy 4.1 ADC for an audio project.
    I have my mic set up for 1.2 volt inputand I can't find a way to set the ADC refrence to 1.2v.
    What command and values should i use for this?



    SOLVED! found the answer on the prjc site as expected.
    i need to keep in mind the audio tool is mostly written around teensy 3.*.
    fixed the circuit and everything is working fine around 3.3V
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    According to

    "The analog input range is fixed at 0 to 3.3V. On Teensy 4.1, the analogReference() function has no effect. The analog pins are not 5V tolerant. Do not drive any analog pin higher than 3.3 volts."

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