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Thread: VisualGDB Visual Micro non-Arduino IDE experience

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    VisualGDB Visual Micro non-Arduino IDE experience

    Hello everyone. Anyone feel like a different person from a year ago?
    I must say, being part of this community and having my Teensy projects to work on have really helped. Thanks.

    Has anyone had positive experience with either VisualGDB or Visual Micro IDE's for Teensy projects ?

    I use Teensies 3.2, 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1.
    My projects are typically quite large requiring many libraries.
    I understand that hardware debugging is pretty much off the table.
    I am knee deep in these projects and have thus stayed with Arduino for lack of desire to fight IDE problems.

    I use VisualGDB for Raspberry Pi and it works (mostly).

    Both VisualGDB and Micro say they support Teensy.

    Any experience with either (or additional suggestions for IDE ?

    thanks, as always,

    Richard Ferraro

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    I can't comment on either, but did you try PlatformIO for Visual Studio Code? It's an extension and works perfectly for me and my also rather larger Teensy projects.
    Installing it is as easy as selecting the PlatformIO extension inside the Visual Studio Code extension library. After that you can create new projects and select the board you want to develop for. PlatformIO also provides a library browser for Arduino libraries.

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    Dear Richard,

    I use VisualMicro exclusively with Studio 2019 for Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 and can only report positive things.
    Since Visual Studio is my working environment for C#, it gives me an optimal (for me) working environment in both worlds.
    You can test VisualMicro for free and decide for yourself whether it is suitable for you.

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    thank you both. Since I use VisualStudio, I will try the VisualMicro approach.

    I do not see support for Teensy 4.1. I see support for 4.0.

    DIYLAB, how did you get support for 4.1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardFerraro View Post
    DIYLAB, how did you get support for 4.1?
    Just use Teensy 4.0 - is the same CPU.

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    I thought that might be the case

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