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Thread: Teensy 3.6 COM problem

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    Teensy 3.6 COM problem

    I am new with Teensy 3.6. I am using Arduino 1.8.13 with Teensyduino to program my brand new Teensy 3.6 but I could not find the COM Port, which means, my Teensy is not communicating with my laptop (window 10). I read some threads and tried different USB ports and cables but couldn't succeed.

    what I did was.
    1) Open the box with my brand new teensy 3.6
    2) Downloading and installed Arduino 1.8.13 with Teensyduino
    3) Put USB cable and connected it with laptop
    4) The light on the Teensy was toggling as per the pre-programmed.
    5) wanted to try some examples but found that there is no communication port showing.. (pressed the button on the Teensy)
    6) Searched from the internet but could not succeed.

    Please help me what can I do more.

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    It's normal that it shows no com port when it is factory new.
    But it should upload a new program. After the first upload it shows a com port.

    So, it's most likely that the USB cable you use is a charge-only cable which has no connections for the data-lines.
    Unfortunately, these cable are pretty common to keep the costs 0.xx cent lower.

    SO, try an other cable - test it with your smartphone, etc if you're unsure.

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    As Frank B said, a brand new Teensy is setup as a RAWHID device (no serial port), so you will need to program it the very first time using the button. It isn't clear from your description of "(pressed the button on the Teensy)" if you had already built an example program successfully before pressing the button or not. You also did not give any indication of what you observed when the button was pressed.

    When the program button is pressed on the Teensy, you should see the red LED light on the Teensy. As the Arduino GUI loads the latest HEX file, the red LED will be brighter. Upon successfully programming the Teensy, the red LED will be extinguished & the loaded program should run.

    Follow this sequence of steps & report back what you see/get:

    1) Open the Arduino IDE
    2) Select "Tools" / "Board" / "Teensyduino" / "Teensy 3.6"
    3) Select "Tools" / "USB type" / "Serial"
    4) Select "File" / "Examples" / "01.Basics" / "Blink"
    5) Change both delay statements from "delay(1000);" to "delay(250);"
    6) Click the checkmark to build the modified Blink example
    7) You should see "Compiling sketch...", followed by "Done compiling." reported in the status bar, bottom left
    8) Press the program button on the Teensy 3.6 to load the compiled example
    9) You should see the on-board orange LED blink 4x per second

    Good luck & have fun !!

    Mark J Culross

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