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Thread: fan for Teensy 4.1 suggesting

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    fan for Teensy 4.1 suggesting


    I recently watched where he posts data (some from Paul) on temperature of Teensy 4 when running up to 1 Ghz.

    Cooling is required at the higher speeds. I have gotten some 12mm heatsinks, yet his graphs indicated that, at that speed,
    a fan is also highly desireable.

    Anyone have any solutions to fan cooling the 4 ?



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    Any decent air movement seems to beat a heat sink alone - with or without a heat sink as it cools the whole of the board pulling away heat, where the heat sink does does great until it hits max temp with a bit of adding cooling surface.

    Amazon had a pack of rPi 12mm'ish copper blocks that helped and fit well with adhesive tape. Paul's images showed a thin larger finned version he tested with.

    Never got a Teensy sized fitted fan - for testing here a 'case' fan under my monitor stand and also tried a desk LED light with a fan and they did the job.

    Not sure how it will be mounted or encased - but cooler air moving over/though more of the parts will add then as heat sink.

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    Overclocking can be fun. But do remember all the usual caveats apply, including the possibility of reduced lifespan. Even if you keep the temperature low, it's still running at a higher than recommended CPU voltage to achieve that speed.

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    Indeed overclocking is the only way a Teensy has gone dead here. Wasn't going to repeat the story in prior post, but ...After testing with a heat sink on a unit ... I plugged in a new Teensy 4.0 {just painstakingly soldered on a breakout) and while seeing it 'hang' thinking it wat the i2c SSD1306 display code - it was in fact that the IDE was still set to 900+ MHz and the new Teensy 4.0 didn't last long.

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