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Thread: Teensy 3.2 Crashes Computer When Plugged In w/ External Power

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    Teensy 3.2 Crashes Computer When Plugged In w/ External Power


    I am currently using a Teensy in a project to control a 12v fan and a 12v solenoid valve using SSRs. The fan and solenoid are powered by a 12v power supply. The Teensy is then powered from that 12v using a 5v linear voltage regulator. The goal was to be able to power the system entirely using the power supply and then plug the Teensy into a computer using a USB when you want to start the program. The code allows for the user to specify the timing of the solenoid and fan being turned on and off over a period of time. An LCD also shows time remaining between events. It has been working perfectly fine until recently. When I plug the Teensy into my laptop, my laptop immediately crashes. I've replaced my code with the blink program and the crashing still occurs. The crashing does not occur when the power supply is not connected and it is only powered by the USB. Also, it works perfectly fine on my friend's Mac. Is this a problem with the Teensy/circuit or could it just be a problem with my PC?
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    Did you cut the connection between vusb and vin ?

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    I have many Teensy's running on both USB and VIN with the jumper not cut. Measured current differences have been between 1 to 3mA typ. This is done measuring the USB current
    and noting the change in current when plugging in the various VIN. Measured 5V (at the VIN pin) is always unchanged 5.18V. A really off laptop or power supply might cause problems. Try measuring them.

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