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Thread: Teensy 4.1 processor not recommended for new designs <--Nope, just a misunderstanding

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    Teensy 4.1 processor not recommended for new designs <--Nope, just a misunderstanding

    Admin edit: This info is wrong, it's a misunderstanding based on the wrong part number.

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    I have read that the microprocessor inside teensy 4.1. is not recommended for new designs:

    so I should recommend to Teensy board companies to move for a next more stable platform, perhaps STM32

    Not Recommended for New Designs

    While existing customers can still order the part, NXP does not recommend the part be designed into new end products. No discontinuance decision has been made, and all minimum longevity commitments will be honored. When a decision is made, it will be communicate through NXP's product discontinuance process (e.g., with a discontinuance notification to existing customers)."

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    All three of my T4.1 use the MIMXRT1062DVJ6A processor, there is a newer revision called MIMXRT1062DVJ6B which I presume will be used from now on.

    IMHO there's no earthly reason to stop using T4.1!

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    Teensy 4.1 uses MIMXRT1062DVJ6A, not MIMXRT1062CVL5A. You're simply mistaken about the part number!

    I can confirm PJRC will switch Teensy 4.1 to MIMXRT1062DVJ6B sometime after our supply of MIMXRT1062DVJ6A chips is used up. Likewise, Teensy 4.0 will also switch to the B version. The new B version fixes 2 errata issues in the USB and CAN peripherals, but it otherwise the same as the A version we've been using on Teensy 4.1 since April 2020 and on Teensy 4.0 since August 2019 (and earlier in the lengthy 2019 beta test).

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    Great!, thank you

    I am very sorry to create that alert

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    Is recommended Teensy 4.1 for new designs?

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