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Thread: 3.2 and a Buttom

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    3.2 and a Buttom

    Hello folks. Scooby noob here. I知 working through some Teensy button/LED tutorials, but I知 using a different button. Here痴 the circuit and script. I知 getting the expected output, but I wanted to make sure that this all looks correct. Thanks in advance for feedback.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes, this looks correct.
    It is a bit better to use the 3v3, because other Teensy models can not stand the 5v. But for a Teensy 3.2 its OK.
    Just don't forget it or use 3v3 whenever you can.

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    Thank you, Frank. I will make sure to change that.
    Is the ground wire correct? I am assuming that you would only use AGND when using the analog pins.
    Also, if I were to add pots to this circuit (connected to the analog pins) would I use the same ground for the button and pots? If yes, which ground would I need to use.
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    welcome home....

    For digitalRead your ground is fine. for analogRead you can use AGND, but i use GND. I believe AGND is slightly more insulated.

    Regarding button pushes, you will probably get bounce issues--where the button internally bounces causing multiple reads. There is a bounce lib that can alleviate this issue.

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    Thank you, Kris. I will check out the bounce lib.
    Based on your response, it sounds like when I add pots (connected to analog pins) to this circuit, I can also use GND for all the components?
    It would seem odd to use both GND and AGND in the same circuit, but as I said in the OP, I am Scooby Noob, so maybe it's not odd at all

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    Put simply AGND is a noise-filtered version of GND

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    Thank you, Mark, and also thanks again to Frank and Kris. I appreciate the information and advice.

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