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Thread: Looking for Teensy USB Joystick Libraries

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    Looking for Teensy USB Joystick Libraries

    I'm building some sim racing pedals and I'm working in VS Code with a Teensy 4.1. I'd like to import the joystick library used in this example ( but I'm having trouble finding the library itself. Could somebody please point me in the right direction?

    Thanks a bunch.


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    The USB Joystick code is built into Teensyduino installs. It is enabled when you choose a USB type that includes Joysticks.

    That is it is in the ...\cores\teensy4\joystick.c (and .h)
    But again this code is not brought in unless the build is such that JOYSTICK_INTERFACE is defined as the header file and the like start off with:
    #if defined(JOYSTICK_INTERFACE)
    And these get typically set in usb_desc.h file depending on stuff passed in to the build and choose the USB type of : Keyboard + mouse + joystick
    The build will go through with: -DUSB_HID
    (from boards.txt)

    If you look in usb_desc.h for the section: #elif defined(USB_HID)
    Line 240 in mine you will see it will define JOYSTICK_INTERFACE plus several other things.
    Note other places need this as well, for example the usb_desc.c which will setup the USB descriptor and the like.

    But how this translates to platform IO? Not sure, I don't typically use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KurtE View Post
    But how this translates to platform IO? Not sure, I don't typically use it.
    For PlatformIO, all you need to do is define the desired USB Features in a build flag as described in the the documentation.

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    in platform io the usable flags are:
    USB_HID                  | Keyboard + Mouse + Joystick
    USB_SERIAL_HID           | Serial + Keyboard + Mouse + Joystick
    USB_FLIGHTSIM_JOYSTICK   | Flight Sim Controls + Joystick

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