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Thread: bluetooth communication between teensy 4 and Raspberry pi 3b

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    bluetooth communication between teensy 4 and Raspberry pi 3b

    Hi everyone,
    Iam doing an iot project to send some sensor data from teensy 4 to the raspberry pi over bluetooth. The bluetooth module which I connected with the teensy board is the adafruit bluefruit spi friend module. I was able to make a connection between the two but don't have any idea how to send the sensor data to the raspberry pi. It would be great if someone could help.

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    Hi Anna and welcome,

    Not sure I can help much as I don't have any of these units. It has also been awhile since I have played with Bluetooth. Mostly I have played with it some from the USB Host side as to try to support some Bluetooth receiver and be able to have it work with some devices, like keyboards, Mice, Joysticks. So far I have not played much with some of the other interfaces like Serial.

    If it were me, probably the first thing I would do, is go through some of the examples up on the Adafruit website: Maybe play with the one that looks like it creates a logical UART, I believe the example is called bleuart.

    Again sorry I am not much help here, hopefully others will have better suggestions.

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