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Thread: List of notable projects with Teensy as USB host?

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    List of notable projects with Teensy as USB host?

    What devices have people been able to interface with Teensy via the USB host port? I'm having a board made and I can have it expose the USB host pins without much trouble. This theoretically lets me add USB peripherals if people have created supporting libraries for Teensy. Specifically, cameras are of interest to me. (I'm using an Arducam now.)

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    Sorrry, I am not sure I can give you a complete list of projects, that use the USB Host, but off the top of my head here are a few devices and the like that we have code support for:

    Simple HID (Human Interface Device) like Keyboards, Mice, tablets, Joysticks.

    Some other joysticks which may not be fully HID

    We support some subset of Bluetooth controllers and connections to things like PS3 and PS4 game controllers

    USB To Serial devices, like FTDI cables and ones by a few others like Prolific, CH...

    Midi controllers

    MSC (Mass Storage Controller) - Not in builds yet, but on some threads here. This allows you to plug in Devices like thumb drives, SD Adapters, some hard drives. Currently the code is limited to Fat type file systems (Fat16, Fat32, ExFat). Only up to 4 primary partitions.

    I know I am missing some things, but should give you a general idea.

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