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Thread: Headless Programming of teensy possible?

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    Headless Programming of teensy possible?

    Hi have a arm base SBC running ubuntu 16.4. Have a Teensy 4.1 connected to it via USB. The ubuntu install dose not have a GUI or screen connected we remote into it via SSH and a LAN wired Network connection. Does anyone know of a way or a guide tu be able to program code into the teensys from that setup. For now just deconnect the Teensys and plug it back into my windows PC and use arduino with the Teensys installer.

    Think we are looking for a command line way of compiling and programming the teensys. Can install arduiino on the SBC but the linux installer for the teensys is complaning of missing GUI stuff and even if we get past that not sure if the is command line commands yet?

    Should we just install a gui on the SBC and lived with the extra overhead?

    Any info or insite would be appreciated.


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    There is a variety of ways, also several topics on this:

    Some of this is sort of mentioned on the Teensy 4.1 product page:

    a) you could use makefiles. You can install the complete Arduino IDE stuff on that machine and setup a makefile, like the example mentioned in the link above.

    b) I have played around at times, setting up a VNC and setup to create a gui that you can run arduino ide and the like... I have not done this often.

    c) Setup to simply build on your desktop, Capture the hex file and transfer the Hex file to the SBC, and then use the teensy_loader_cli on the SBC to program the teensy:

    Note: I often went with c) as then you don't need to install a lot of stuff on the SBC and when I was doing that more, I had a command script setup on the SBC, that looked for a new file showing up in a directory and would automatically run the command line to update the Teensy... Also at one point I hacked up the IDE (boards.txt and platform.txt), to add a different upload way on builds, that would transfer the binary for me when the build completed. But that was a kludge as I had to hard code the destination and either have password built in or setup as trusted...)

    Not sure if some other build systems, work on ARM or not and if they support non-gui builds or not.

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