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Thread: PlaySerialFlashRaw is playing at half speed, T3.5

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    PlaySerialFlashRaw is playing at half speed, T3.5

    Hey guys,

    I'm using the Audio library on a T3.5 and have a W25Q128 flash chip connected (no audio shield but using those same pins)
    When I use AudioPlaySerialflashRaw my files are playing back at half speed...I copied the files from my micro SD, and if I use AudioPlaySDWav to play the files direct from the card they are normal. I've used AudioPlaySerialflashRaw in a couple different projects and never run into this, but those used T3.2...I'd assume it's sampling rate related?

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    Any chance the file is actually stereo data? In that case, the WAV file player will de-interleave the samples and send each channel to its 2 outputs. But the raw player will just give you all the samples as raw data, which you'd hear as half speed.

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    yes they are in stereo, that was it! Thanks, I totally forgot that I used to collapse my files into mono before loading them into flash

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