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Thread: 3.3V backup regulator advice

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    3.3V backup regulator advice

    I have a project design that literally uses every single pin on the Teensy 4.1. Literally all of them: bottom side pads, ethernet, USB host and all the exposed pins. I've added external buffers powered by VUSB to drive PWM devices so the 3.3v reg on Teensy doesn't have to supply current beyond logic signalling. However, some devices still need 3.3V and the Teensy is heavily utilized so I'm still worried about running over on current consumption.

    I'm looking for a good part\circuit that I can run off of VUSB to supply extra current capacity to the 3.3v supply. I'm having a PCB made, so I have flexibility on parts and wiring. I'm hoping someone can just tell me what to place. Any standard implementations out there?

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    Good day.
    There are thousands of such implementations. It is important to know the power requirements of consumers and remember that it is not recommended to take more than 0.5 A from the port. Maximum ripple, Average and maximum current consumption, time diagram of approximate current consumption. The minimum and maximum values of the supply voltage. Requirements for thermal conditions and efficiency of the converter. But the wire diagram will be very simple.

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