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Thread: Teensy4.1 witch Ethernet for Blynk

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    Teensy4.1 witch Ethernet for Blynk

    Good day everyone.
    First, I want to thank the support for the help. Now my previous project Datalogger receives information at a speed of 5 Mbps, processes and stores the data. That's great!!! Now a new challenge. I'm not a fan of ESP for reliability reasons. And I want to solve the following problem.
    Anyone can suggest how to work With Teensy4 with Blynk?
    The structure is as follows: the controller based on Teense4.1 is connected via Ethernet to the GPRS modem, which has its own fixed IP address. The task is to connect to the Blynk project in the android to exchange information with the controller. What is the easiest way to implement this? Please help, if at all possible.

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    Supposing this thread was found - but to be sure :

    A post there might be seen by the maintainer if nothing else shows up. Not sure that thread has useful details or links ...

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