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Thread: ADC ultra sound reading from two ports simultaneously

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    ADC ultra sound reading from two ports simultaneously


    I am building a ultrasound device using an two analogous mems microphone circa 85 KHz. The analogous part contains two microphones and a distance of 1 or more meter between them. I like to do simultaneous readings from the analogues input channels and calculate the direction and distance of the ultra sound source.

    According some specification I can do a simultaneous read (teensy 4) AN INTRODUCTION TO MICROCONTROLLERS AND
    EMBEDDED SYSTEMS page 65 (analogSynchronizedRead(pin1, pin2) Also in other documents I find this option ( Because timing is critical I like to use this option!

    When I try this line in my basic coding I receive a compiling error "analogSyncRead"was not declared.

    How can I use the simultaneously reading of two ports on a teensy 4

    I am not so experienced and I think I mix up C options and arduino options but I do'nt know

    Some help needed

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    Post your code (preferably in code tags - the # icon)
    You need to instantiate an ADC object:
    ADC *adc = new ADC(); // adc object
    and then refer to it as:
      ADC::Sync_result sr = adc->analogSyncRead(A0,A1);

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