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Thread: how to upload code through a different Serial

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    how to upload code through a different Serial

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to upload code to Teensy4.0/4.1 over a UART, instead of USB.

    I have a USB to UART converter that is sitting at the edge of my vehicle, making it easy to connect while its closed.
    I understand that in order to get Serial Monitor data I need to write - Serial1.begin({baud}). Not sure how to get to upload code.

    any info will be helpful, thanks

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    This is asked over and over again.

    Let me answer this way:
    the definition of a Teensy, among others, is that you only upload program via USB. For this it uses a dedicated bootloader chip.

    Of course, you can write a program that is uploaded via USB that itself loads secondary code via any other means (Serial, Ethernet, microSD, etc)
    Of course, you can modify/augment Teensy Hardware to use SWD or JTAG to upload code (easier with some Teensy models, more difficult with others)
    But, in the end, Teensy is a USB MCU development board. Other MCU boards may be better suited for non-USB programming.

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    Iíd be ok with somehow extending the main usb connection to a location I can connect to while the vehicle is closed. I saw D+ and D- in the schematics and am yet to find how to interface with it. Any insight would be appreciated. I prefer to not just install a usb extension cable

    I thought too that itís probably a common question. Couldnít find much about it in the forum so started this for others in the future.

    Thank you

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    These physical Bottom side connect details are on product page images at PJRC.COM.

    On T_4.0 the D+ and D- are for USB_HOST - a second USB device on the MCU, not the primary Device USB interface for programming.

    On T_4.1 the D+ and D- pins along with VIN and GND can be wired to an off board connector to connect the Device USB, for programming and SerMon usage.

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