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Thread: Blocking behavior of NativeEthernet on Teensy 4.1?

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    Blocking behavior of NativeEthernet on Teensy 4.1?

    I have a use case where I need to receive camera data via SPI and re-transmit it via UDP over ethernet. I'm hitting performance issues and need to use more advanced features to improve throughput and latency.

    At first pass, I can't determine if any of the UDP functions are executed without blocking. Can I get a confirmation of behavior?
    If they are all blocking, are non-blocking UDP transfers something that can be supported in hardware in the future?

    At present, I am receiving bytes from a Camera via SPI and it appears I am unable to execute UDP transmits in between SPI reads quickly enough to avoid timing out the SPI and hanging the program. This requires me to receive the entire frame, store it in PSRAM and then transmit the whole thing before initiating the next frame from the camera.

    Obviously this can be improved with non-blocking code and DMA channels, I'm just not sure what the native ethernet is capable of at a hardware level.

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    you can confirm if it blocks if using threads, check for speed difference

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