Good morning,

First off, I must say that designing a product based on the Teensy 3x and 4x boards has been wonderful. I'm coming from an ESP32 background, but this particular project benefits from Teensy's raw power and its DMAChannel abstraction. This application actually has a host system on board (raspberry pi zero) connected via traces to the serial pins on both ends. My question is mostly around field upgrades to the firmware. In ESP32 land, I'd also the boot/enable pins to be able to get the device into flash mode, then use a command line tool to blast the new image via serial. Is there not a similar process for Teensy? I recall there being key differences in the way the bootloader handles things. It'd be nice to be able to package updates on a single source (like a USB stick) and then the system could handle updates on both the pi and the Teensy. I'm thinking teensy_loader_cli with a hex file can/should be used in this case?

Just confirming my approach with people more knowledgeable!

Right now, I've designed things on Teensy 3.6, but will also be testing out Teensy LC with our current workload.