Hi folks

I'm trying to use the latest version of the executable from https://github.com/LenShustek/miditones to process a 10-track MIDI file to a C source. I believe I have it such that each track outputs a monophonic part on a different channel (1-9 and 11, skipping 10 just in case it decides to interpret it as drums). The original MIDI has 3x violins, 3x viola, 3x celli and continuo - I've changed the patches so that they're all different, though. However, what I get out is 3 voices on channel 1, 3 on channel 2, 3 on 3 and one on 4, which is the same as in the original, though even that has the voices on separate MIDI channels.

The command I'm using is miditones -s2 -t=16 -v ..\brandenburg-3

I believe the -s2 should "try to keep each track to its own tone generator" (from the readme), which I understood to mean each MIDI channel is effectively preserved in the output.

Anyone got any clue as to what I've done wrong here? I'm assuming it's me, it usually is

The MIDI file I started out from is https://www.8notes.com/school/midi/o..._1041_ORCH.mid, if anyone wants to give it a go. The first few lines of output are:
// Playtune bytestream for file "..\brandenburg-3.mid" created by MIDITONES V2.2 on Wed May  5 19:36:14 2021
// command line: miditones -s2 -t=16 -v ..\brandenburg-3 
const unsigned char PROGMEM score [] = {
// Brandenburg Concerto No.3
9,29, 0x90,67,81, 0x90,67,81, 0x90,67,81, 0x91,55,81, 0x91,55,81, 0x91,55,81, 0x92,43,81, 0x92,43,81, 
0x92,43,81, 0x93,31,81, 0,166, 0x90,66,76, 0x90,66,76, 0x90,66,76, 0,167, 0x90,67,81, 0x90,67,81, 0x90,67,81, 
0x91,59,83, 0x91,59,83, 0x91,59,83, 0x92,43,81, 0x92,43,81, 0x92,43,81, 0x93,31,81, 1,77, 0x90,62,70, 
0x90,62,70, 0x90,62,70, 0x90,62,81, 0x90,62,81, 0x90,62,81, 0x92,55,86, 0x92,55,86, 0x92,55,86, 0x93,43,82, 
0x81, 0,167, 0x90,60,68, 0x90,60,68, 0x90,60,68, 0,167, 0x90,62,72, 0x90,62,72, 0x90,62,72, 0x90,59,76, 
0x90,59,76, 0x90,59,76, 0x92,55,84, 0x92,55,84, 0x92,55,84, 0x93,43,81, 1,77, 0x91,67,84, 0x91,67,84, 
0x91,67,84, 0x92,55,70, 0x92,55,70, 0x92,55,70, 0x93,43,70, 0x93,43,70, 0x93,43,70, 0x93,31,70, 0x80, 0x82,
The identical note-on commands are correct, as the various instruments start out in unison, it's just that they should be on different channels, not all 0x90, for example. And I think the lack of note-off commands is because there isn't time: I can fix that by adding a -releasetime option to the command line.