Dear Teensy experts,
I have some questions about audio, I am not too technical, sorry.

I bought the CJMCU-5102 DAC to use with the Teensy4.1.
Is it ok to use a 24bit DAC with a 16 bit Teensy? I mean, does it make sense or is it useless, since the Teensy is 16bit depth?

I need to generate a sum of sinewaves (at audio rate) and I want them as more defined as possible (I am a bit maniac about sinewaves).
To use the AudioSynthWaveformSine is certainly a short way for doing this, but I wonder if doing it with a bigger LookUpTable and a 24 bit DAC can give better results. Without investing too much time, I mean. And in case, can someone patiently drive me into the subject?

About the mentioned DAC, should it work just out of the box or do I have to make some sort of conversion before sending it to I2S? Because I did not make it to work so far. Maybe I made mistakes with the connections. Could anyone tell me where to find a connection guide for Teensy4.1-to-CJMCU-5102? I haven't found it so far.

Thank you all for your time and your help