Hi Paul From Martin,
Can You Help?, Ref 96x32 WS2811 Display OctoWS2811.

I Was Handed 96x32 WS2811 Displays With TEENSY 3.2, By My Custormer Who Knows Nothing About This And I Am Not To Firmiliar With.
I Have Never Got This To Work To Date On Movie 2 Serial.
I Have Loaded On To Teensy 3.2 Test Programmes "Basic Test" And "Fire"
Which I Configured For The Correct Display Area 96x32 And This Worked Fine!
So All Is Talking And Programming Up Fine No Probs.

There Are 2 panels of 48x32 Groups Of 8 Strips x 48 Each Group Being Fed By
1 Led Serial Port Per 8 Srips Of 48 Using 1 Teensy 3.2 Board, This Seems To Work Ok On The Test Programmes.

This Is Further Complicated Because Somebody Previously Tampered With Files.

What Used To Happen Was You Could Drop And Drag Video Files In To A Small
Box And Play, This Was A Small exe Movie2Serial_Screen_96x32_2017.exe 87Kb Programme Driven By "Processing"

I Have Tried All Examples Shown On The Web But With No Joy.

So Could You Help Me With :-

1. Correct File To Load For The Teensy 3.2. And The Instuctions For "VideoDisplay.ino" In The Examples Folder Of OCTOWS2811 Folder.

2. The Correct Settings/Instructions For Single Com Port Com7 Serial Or USB0? Not Sure About Web Examples Shown But Does Show "USB0" When Programming Using ARDUINO.

3. "Movie/myMovie" Has This Got To Be Set Up So I Can 'Drop And Drag' Using Processing Movie2Serial_Screen_96x32_2017.exe.

Thats The Teensy 3.2 Harware Side, Now The Processing Ver3 Side.

1. Com Port Set up USB0 Not Shure Whats Being Shown In "Toy Story.avi"Example

2. Movie To Serial (myMovie) How Do You Set This Up/Do I Need To Set This Up?.

3. Folders/Directory To Use eg "Sketchbook" When Trying To Run Says "No Folder Found For Processing.Video"
Libraries Should Be Installed In A Folder Named Libraries Inside Sketchbook", I Have Done This Using But With No Joy.

If You Can Help Me With This Or Send Me The Code For Both Hardware And Software Sides I Would Be Greatful.
I Have Now Purchased My Own Teensy 3.2 With The Adapter Board With 2 Cat5 Sockets So Hope To Have A Bit Of Fun In The Future.

Software Versions.
Windows 10
ARDUINO Ver 1.8.13
Processing Ver 3.5.4
Java Ver 8.0.2910.10

Many Thanks,