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Thread: How do I save the Audio data to the SD Card?

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    How do I save the Audio data to the SD Card?

    Question on saving Audio data to the SD Card on Teensy 4.1

    There is a conflict when I #include "SdFat-beta.h" and #include <Audio.h>.

    Here is the SD card code, and it works.

    #include "SdFat-beta.h"

    SdExFat sd;

    void setup()
    if (!sd.begin(SdioConfig(FIFO_SDIO))) { // SdFat.h Ver 2.0.0 Beta
    Serial.println("m.SD initialization failed!");
    } else {
    Serial.println("m.SD initialization OK");

    auto file ="data.txt", FILE_WRITE);

    void loop()


    But when I include <Audio.h>, there is a warning: "FILE_READ" redefined
    #define FILE_READ O_READ

    warning: "FILE_WRITE" redefined

    error: using typedef-name 'File' after 'class'
    class File : public Stream {

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    with latest TD (1.54b7) you do NOT include SdFat-beta, but you use SD.h, which is now an interface to SdFat-V2 (prev SdFat-beta)

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